We are Food Passion.

Foodie, Passionate.

Who we are.

With an experience of more than 10 years, Varied backgrounds and skills, Own Award Winning Chef and a great track record of achievements. Our team is capable of transforming and creating stunning concepts. covering every aspect, business to marketing to menu and interiors.

Hakim Bagabas

Creative Chef

Ebraheem Hashem

The Business Guy

Anas Al Amoudi

The HR consultant

Abdulrahman Alalem

Operation Guru


Design, wither for kitchen or dining hall or for menu over to printable items, our team can help you achieve better utilisation of space and reach goals easily.


No business can be sustained without a clear vision, our team will help you set your strategy for the business down to daily tasks to achieve your goals and maintain a profitable sustainable business.


with a mind set of digital focus, your business can appeal to newer generations, save costs and increase efficiency. We help you set your digital strategy and achieve it.


So you have created everything, but customers aren't here yet, let us help you set, target and pull your desired audience across marketing channels.

How we work.

1 We Analyse your business, market and conditions, then we help you plan the best possible concept fitting your needs and market need. We help you have your feasibility study and business plan in a realistic achievable documents that are there to work.

2 Planned and strategised well, we create Menus, try them, retry them and then we train your team to serve them from procurement of material to serving to your guests. We can also help in recruiting them!

3 So you started your business now, congrats. now we can help you market, sell and grow your business to achieve your goals.